The way we see it the world
is under siege of Inertia.

Those who are courageous enough to believe in themselves, discover their
strengths and develop their powers through collaboration are Heroes.

That’s how we see our students: Super Heroes that have changed their lives.
They are the Magellan League 2013.

Porto Business School

Our heroes
are agents of change...

Every hero in the league is unique, but all heroes share two
characteristics: immunity to the VIRUS and the potential to change lives.

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We empower them to change lives through diversity and collaboration...

Inspired by the legendary Ferdinand Magellan - the first to circumnavigate the globe -

The Magellan MBA programme was designed to foster and nurture talents from around the world, accelerating their experience of collaboration and exploring the power of diversity, creating a community with shared values and a quest to change lives.

The Magellan MBA is one of the strongest accredited MBA Programmes in Europe and has a top quality teaching staff of national and international scholars and business executives.

Fully taught in English, The Magellan MBA* offers a unique global vision of business, and provides the development of personal skills, a fundamental requirement for success in an increasingly more complex and global business context.

And fight against evil...

That is why, this year, we have created a narrative with a metaphor that stands for all negative forces that withhold the evolution of society - Evilcorp.

Evilcorp started as a secret society which spread its reach and increased its power as a mega corporation, by using legitimate business as a facade.

To achieve total world domination, it deeply infiltrates many levels of society, ranging from finance to politics, health and education.

Among its activities are financial terrorism, lobbying, funding criminal organisations, the exploitation of natural and human resources, corruption and many other subversive acts and unlawful practices.

THE MAGELLAN LEAGUE is the only obstacle to EVILCORP’s path to world domination.

EVILCORP’s latest plan to conquer the world is the development of a VIRUS that drives people into an almost apathetic state that narrows their ability to take action. The VIRUS has been spread by EVILCORP’s GREY AGENTS.

And crack
the virus...

Codename: EVLCRP/Y2K13

Type: Neurotropic

Classification: Group III (dsRNA)

Symptoms: personality changes, rigid mind-set, memory loss, physical fatigue and neural inertia.

Origin: This bionic virus was developed by scientists working in EVILCORP’s labs. It’s the first of its kind - a combination of several manipulated bio-viruses with a cyber-virus, that uses a powerful algorithm to constantly mutate itself.

Infection: The virus works by copying it’s genetic material within human nerve cells. It evades the usual immune system response and cuts off the higher brain function inducing it to a neural atrophic state, provoking a constant state of sleepiness, impaired alertness and a decline of the motor skills, that strongly restraints the ability to perform mental and physical tasks.

Facing an army
of Grey Agents

Over time they infiltrate companies, schools, hospitals and governments, where they infect innocent people. By doing this the spreading of the virus is perpetuated.

GREY AGENTS are genetically altered field agents characterised by a greyish skin tone. Even though their physical characteristics may vary, all of them possess an extra-fit physical ability and enhanced fighting skills.

Being only functional hosts to the virus, several scientists and researchers believe that if they capture grey agents they could crack the virus and therefore a solution could be found.

Unfortunatly, it's very hard to prove this theory, because the virus is programmed to self-destruct when grey agents are captured, leaving no trace behind.

The League’s headquarters is located in Porto (Portugal) and is connected to a NETWORK OF RESISTANT CELLS in many different countries, where its new members are recruited. Once they are in, the new members receive training from OLDER HEROES THAT SHARE THEIR EXPERIENCE and help them to develop their powers.

When their training is complete, they are assigned to missions all over the world, fighting EVILCORP’s GREY AGENTS in the field, working in undercover labs finding a cure for the VIRUS, organising and handling logistics related with resistance cells’ operations, spreading the word and awaking minds, while recruiting new heroes.

There’s still a long way for the battle to reach the end, but every year, new heroes arise, new powers are developed and THE LEAGUE GROWS STRONGER.

Discover the real base of operations

Porto Business School
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